Effective this year, Singapore rolled out a new work visa for foreign executives of tech firms.

The city-state, an Asia base for many multinationals and banks, is home to global companies such as Facebook and Alphabet’s Google, while ByteDance and Zoom are hiring aggressively in the country of 5.7 million people. With a tech workforce 25,000 strong, Singapore is emerging as a regional tech hub, but as more and more firms move in, there becomes an increased need for incoming tech talent.

“Singapore also needs to build a strong pipeline of local tech talent by involving financial institutions, individuals and the government,” Ravi Menon, the managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore said on Tuesday, May 4.

Aptude, with a new Singapore office bolstering locations all across Asia and the Americas, aims to do just that. With its wealth of history, experience, and contacts in the industry, Aptude delivers flexible, quality IT talent to Singapore both by providing assistance via their local office in the city-state, and by supporting remote demands from all across the world.

“Our growing office in Singapore is a great addition to our existing team,” said Aptude’s Managing Partner Srinath Parepally, who has led the effort. “As a growing company supporting many growth-minded clients, we know this new opportunity will be yet another great way for us to support our existing, and prospective, clients.”

Aptude’s technology professionals bring a vast array of experience and knowledge to the industry, and hope to support and grow with the burgeoning tech world of Singapore, creating more jobs in the future, especially for local Singaporeans.

About Aptude

Headquartered in the Chicagoland area with additional offices across North America, South America, and Asia, Aptude is an IT consulting firm specializing in delivering innovative IT Solutions. Unlike staffing firms, Aptude has a proven “AptudeFlex” model that dynamically scales resources as project needs wax and wane, creating a truly supportive and competitive option for Aptude clients. Learn more about how Aptude can help at aptude.com.